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Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Chef of tomorrow

I've just returned from a very entertaining evening with Chef Gary McDowell who was giving a 2-hour demo cook-in at The Chef Shop in Belfast. Cooking on a budget was the theme and Gary walked us through producing Instant Gelatine Free Cheesecake + Orange and Rosemary Semi Confit,Duck Byriani with Jal Frezi Sauce, Thai Chicken & Iceberg Parcels. The food (and wine!) tasted fantastic but what struck me was Gary's relaxed style of delivery and presentation with an ability to hold an audience. This got me thinking and wondering are more chefs now focusing on their PR skills? Is there more to being a Chef then back-of-house? Should the Chefs of tomorrow be trained in presentation/demonstration skills - how important is this to running a profitable kitchen/restaurant? A lot of questions, I know! Then, I'm not a chef! What do you think?

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